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So after many months of publishing my novels and a few more settling myself down in the work that pays the real bills, I am back at the writing desk on novel number four. I am on Chapter Five and have started the other one too. I feel my blogging has been rubbish though for a while, so I am going to share with you over the next few months, the things I come across whilst writing that I find amusing and inspiring. So to kick us off, here is a Fennec Fox – a fine piece of evolution I think you will agree:

helen j beal, how humans breedIsn’t he (or she? I have not yet learned how to sex a Fennec Fox from a front taken photo) a very beautiful thing? I also, when writing today, had the word ‘hotchpotch‘ spring into my mind when describing a patch of allotments in south-west London. Spell-checker (and we all kind of rely on that don’t we, even though it lets us down regularly and we rejoice in teaching it new words) had a problem with that. But the more I think about hotchpotch the more I love it.

And finally, whilst typing a chapter title, I mistyped the date. And typed 20103 and in reviewing the mistype thought – ‘Blimey, what would it be like to live then? (and, weirdly, then seems like the wrong tense as that’s in the future and that seems like the past?) And would there even be an earth then? A lively debate ensued on Facebook as to if someone was to write a screenplay, who would be the hero (for me, a clone of David Attenborough) and who would be the villain (I struggled)? Apparently, the bible assures us the world is eternal. I’m going with quantum physics for that. But I think I need to learn more…

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