How Did I Lose My Job?

Rich in Small Things, Helen’s second novel released last week, opens with me losing my high-falutin’ City of London job. This is a great video explaining how and why so many people in the banking industry lost their jobs at the start of the current recession – and indeed why so many other industries have suffered since and the landscape of the world’s economy has changed beyond recognition.

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    2 thoughts on “How Did I Lose My Job?

    1. Herbert Trimble

      Hey Melissa – that must have been a very traumatic time. I hope it worked out that it had a silver lining in the end. As I said in Thirty Seconds Before Midnight:

      “These humans, from what I can see, have a relatively difficult life. They have to find their own food for starters. Mine arrived with a monotonous, yet welcome, regularity. And if supplies were short from Bob, there were plenty of tasty morsels just simply growing around me. They however, the humans, have to produce or procure the essentials for themselves. I suppose they could forage and hunt but it might take an unfeasibly long time given all the other things that they like to do – building, drinking, making music, reading, talking, cooking, playing – that sort of thing in endless variations. Hobbies, I think they call it. Also, they have no inbuilt, or out-built perhaps, shell and have, therefore, to find their own shelter. They cannot afford to be cold since there’s not a useful hair on them and their metabolisms aren’t, like ours, kick-started by a few choice beams from the Source.

      On the plus side, they have no need to worry about predators as far as I can tell, with their wealth of weaponry and opposable thumbs; apart, of course, from each other. And they appear to have disease generally under control, or at least a systematic way of dealing with it. We in the menagerie benefitted from their disease control systems. Although infrequent, the visit from the ‘vet’ was a welcome little drama with mostly positive results, despite reports of unwelcome intrusions and painful little pricks.

      However, ultimately, they only have themselves to rely on for survival.”


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