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The opening paragraph of my first novel, Thirty Seconds Before Midnight is:

“Digby clattered his little red hook of a beak on my shell the morning that I first saw the dominoes of my life topple. Over one went, tipping into another, knocking it onto the next. Several had gone already, escaping my notice, and though I was unable to see where they led, my instincts told me that at the end of them there was something thrilling: a climax of sorts, fireworks perhaps.”

One of the things I was quick to learn in my writing career was the ease at which one can transition from the act of writing to the act of procrastination. One minute a character’s in a herb garden, the next I’m in a botanical dictionary. Or Facebook. Or emptying the dishwasher. Or researching the exact hoot of a Scops owl. Youtube, though, for me, has to be king of all procrastination platforms and has some AMAZING videos of dominoes toppling. Here are some of my favorites:

My conclusion? There are lot of people out there with vastly more patience than me. And startling ingenuity.