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New Competition! For A Hardcover Copy of Riding a Tiger and a $50 Amazon Gift Voucher

Although the hijacking of vessels in the seas around Somalia has abated recently (arguably the cost of ransoms has been transferred to the UK and US in the form of insurance policy hikes and investment in private security), it’s still of huge interest and we’re about to hit a major film season with Captain Phillips (starring Tom Hanks) out in mid-October here and across the pond. I read the Captain’s own account of his real-life experiences in his book A Captain’s Duty along with a good deal of other research. You might also want to check out A Hijacking if you can (it came out in May 2013 but is available on DVD/Blu-Ray) and Stolen Seas.

My book, Riding a Tiger is a fictional account of the hijacking of a super-yacht, Talisman – you can win a copy and a $50 Amazon Gift Voucher by entering the Rafflecopter below.

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